7 thoughts on “Applying Social Reproduction Theory to My Family’s After School Routine

  1. Maggie Dickinson

    kudos to you for being the first to post a video! and for holding down the after school routine for four young people. parents are being asked to do so much all the time – but right now especially.

  2. Thomas Philipose

    Hi, Meghan! I loved your video, and it sounds like you’re doing an amazing job juggling SOOO much at once. I was a coward and made my video yesterday but set it to post tomorrow so someone like you would be the first post and not mine. BUT, I don’t feel bad because now I think I sort of got the gist of what we’re supposed to do based on watching your video. So you’re teaching people even here in the PD. Your video is like the fully-fleshed out 5-page essay version of this assignment and mine is just that half-page thing that hopefully I just get ‘passing’ credit for. I do plan on using these regeneration ideas in my classroom (and life), so thank you (all) for the inspiration.

  3. Laura Clarke

    I have a hard time with two future workers. so I don’t know how you deal with four!! Clearly I need to make my 14-year old do more of his own maintenance and regeneration!

  4. Molly Vollman Makris (she/her/hers)

    I also really loved this article and your thoughts on intersectionality and gender etc.. Agree with Laura, as always I am so impressed with how you handle the mental load of four kids and especially as you transition through all these changes in your situation and this ongoing parenting in a global pandemic.

  5. Rebecca Walker

    Sounds like a real challenge to manage everything in the short amount of time. It is great haw you were able to talk about the variety of things that have to been done just to be able to move your family successfully from one part of the day to the next.


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