Welcome to Teaching in the Transition

You may be thinking to yourself – why in the world are these people making me post this assignment on a CUNY Commons site? Why do I have to learn a new thing when I’m already so overwhelmed by all the things? What is the point?

We get it! You’ve been through a lot. Many of you had to teach online for the first time in the middle of a pandemic, learn Blackboard, figure out how to manage a class on zoom, set up break out rooms, etc. 

But as we move back into the classroom and out of emergency mode, we are also using this time focus on the things that make teaching at Guttman great. Some of those things have been put on the back burner as we have navigated online learning. One of those things is our robust tradition of open pedagogy.

Open pedagogy is an approach to teaching that, “engages with students as creators of information rather than simply consumers of it. It’s a form of experiential learning in which students demonstrate understanding through the act of creation. The products of open pedagogy are student created and openly licensed so that they may live outside of the classroom in a way that has an impact on the greater community.” 

Historically at Guttman, we have used Digication as our platform for open pedagogy. At most other CUNY campuses, faculty and students use WordPress based platforms like the CUNY Commons. As we move back into the classroom, we want to reinvigorate our open pedagogy work at Guttman using the CUNY Commons so that we can be in conversation with our colleagues around the university and our students can learn a transferable skill – both for transfer and in the real world where WordPress is used extensively.

This assignment is a baby step to get you familiar with the Commons and WordPress. Take your time! We mostly just want you to know these resources exist for you.